Coffee trees are not fast-growing. In fact, it takes five years for a coffee tree to reach full maturity. Once its fruit becomes ripe, each coffee plant will yield about 5 pounds of green coffee beans (unroasted) annually. This yields less than a pound of roasted coffee beans. About 4000 coffee beans are needed to

A New Trend: Nitro Coffee

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New interpretation of iced coffee, Coffee Nitro grabs brewed coffee and infuses it with nitrogen gas before serving, making it frothy, much like beer. Coffee aficionados relish this new twist on their favorite hot drink. The first Nitro Coffee was ‘discovered’ in the US in 2012. Several creative and/or lovers of the original hot brew


Studies have shown that drinking caffeine can increase your metabolism 3 to 11%. It’s one of the few chemicals that can actually help with fat burning, so might as well drink up! Source:

One Minute Coffee Cake In A Mug

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Ingredients 1 egg 2 tablespoons milk 1 tablespoon flavorless oil (coconut, veg, canola, sunflower etc) 1 tsp of coffee 4 tablespoons Plain flour ¼ tsp baking powder 2 tablespoons brown sugar pinch of salt Instructions In a microwaveable mug, mix together the egg, oil and milk Mix all wet ingredients Add in the Flour, baking

Cooking with coffee

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Roll a whole fish or fillets in coarsely ground coffee before grilling. The same can be done with steaks,lamb chops, veal chops, etc. Or mix a coarsely ground coffee portion with some chopped nuts and some breadcrumbs to coat. Also, coat chicken breasts with a mixture of ground coffee and spices (cardamom, coriander, cumin …)


The studies touting it as a health drink have increased in recent years. They range from colorectal cancer to diabetes through liver diseases and birth weight. This ancient drink is rich in antioxidants and trace elements that act on the body.  


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Coffee Cheesecake

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Ingredients 3 ounces Cool Brew Café Santo Domingo 16 ounces Cream cheese (2, 8 oz packages) ½ cup Sugar ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract 2 each Eggs 1 each Graham cracker crust (ready-to-use) 1 each Whip cream (1 container) Preheat oven to 350°. In a mixing bowl combine all ingredients and mix until smooth. Pour mixture

Why is coffee on the menu?

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Good coffee, whether milk, espresso, cappuccino, mocha or black, it’s part of our culture. Coffee subtly scented desserts, but also spaghetti sauce, salad dressings and grilled fish.


Assuming that caffeine stimulates brain function, athletes also make use of this substance in the hope that it will improve their physical performance. Coffee is a stimulant and it is believed that it contributes at the same time to increase the muscle work. There is also a decreased feeling of fatigue, it stimulates the heart,