We are proud to introduce our Café Santo Domingo Coffee Machines

No business left behind!

Coffee Machine


Coffee is essential in a busy work environment. Everyone starts their day with coffee and it can set the mood for the rest of the day.

Bad coffee in the workplace leads to less productively.

Not anymore. We are here to get your employees buzzing and full of energy.

Café Santo Domingo is one of the most beloved coffees in the world and now your business can enjoy that bold taste of paradise.

Get them motivated and energetic during the whole day!

The amazing bold taste without bitterness will keep them coming back for more!


If you already offer coffee at your business, you may be eligible for a FREE State-Of-The-Art Coffee Machine.

The machine serves all gourmet and classic coffee drinks. These include but not limited to: Regular, Decaf, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Hot Chocolate.

Customized with company logo!

Please contact us directly by phone 1-855-880-4648 or fill out the request form below for more info.

coffee for business-office

Make your office feel more like a vacation than a workplace. Café Santo Domingo on your desk can cure the Mondays, Fridays, and everything in between.

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