Is it the same coffee we buy in the dominican?

Our coffee is the same as Café Santo Domingo coffee in the Dominican Republic

How to store coffee?

It is all about freshness!! Exposure to air causes the oils that are responsible for coffee’s aroma and flavour to evaporate. If your package is sealed and stored properly in an air tight can or bag , it will remain fresh.

How to grind beans fine or coarse?

Our coffee beans should be ground ‘fine’ to maximize the rich flavour of the beans.

Is our coffee gluten free?

Yes our coffee is gluten free

What type of coffee is Café Santo Domingo ?  

Our coffee is roasted medium, but it has a bold taste that is normally associated with a dark roast.

That said, the medium roast allows for the more subtle flavours to come through. And that’s certainly the case with this coffee.

The feeling in your mouth is full and bold, but there are plenty of layers of flavour in there as well.

The acidity is there, but not too striking. And there is a nut-toned chocolaty taste that is subtle, but definitely present. That’s where this coffee’s sweetness comes from.

The sweetness is balanced not only by the acidity, but also by a fruitiness somewhere between berries and citrus.

All these flavours balance nicely in the mouth. Nothing dominates too much.

This is an excellent coffee. Surprisingly bold, lots of flavours, and well balanced.

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