The medium roasted coffee beans should be a fine grind in order to best capturethe multiple layers of Café Santo Domingo’s rich flavor . If you prefer to grind the beans yourself, be sure you are thorough. If you are using CaféSanto Domingo Molido (ground) don’t worry, we have done the work for you!



There are several ways to brew coffee. With CaféSanto Domingo, there are a few methods that stand above the rest.

If you like your coffee strong, try brewing CaféSanto Domingo in a traditional french press. Use boiling water and approximately 1tbs of ground beans for each cup (250ml) of water. Let this brew for 5 minutes and then press the grinds to the bottom. Pour a cup of CaféSanto Domingo and let yourself drift away to paradise.

If you are an espresso drinker, use CaféSanto Domingo Tostado en Grano.(whole beans )  Grind the beans to fine or superfine. This fine grind is ideal to use in a greca or Bialetti stovetop espresso maker and brew away. Let the rich and smooth flavour of CaféSanto Domingo espresso work its magic. You won’t be disappointed!

In a rush? Try making CaféSanto Domingo with a tradition drip coffeemaker. Add a heaping tbs of ground coffee for every cup (250ml) of water. This ratio is the key to the perfect cup of CaféSanto Domingo. Guard closely or share with enthusiasm; the choice is up to you.