Café Santo Domingo Molido (Ground) 1lb/454g

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Product Description

Premium Arabica coffee from the sun drenched mountains of the Dominican Republic … All the taste with no bitterness.

A medium roast Arabica coffee, with distinct subtle flavors. A smooth coffee with a nut toned and subtle chocolaty taste is where the sweetness comes from. Surprisingly bold, lots of flavors and well balanced. Always fresh with a rich aroma grown exclusively in the fertile mountains of the Dominican Republic.

100%  pure Dominican coffee.

Paradise in every cup!


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    The coffee’s incredible!! I can nearly have it black (which I never do).
    I’ll be spreading the word to my family & father in law who has an office in TMR. Small business, but he alone drinks enough coffee to fuel a large business.

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    This coffee is the main reason I can get out of bed in the morning. Cold Canadian mornings are no match for Café Santo Domingo. I brew it up first thing when I crawl out of bed and usually get through 3 or 4 cups before heading off to work.

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    I have tried so many coffee brands over the past couple years in search of the perfect match. I am happy to say that my search is finally over. I tried Café Santo Domingo at a friends house in Prince Edward Island this summer and now I am hooked. The flavour is smooth and it has no bitter aftertaste. I brew it in a french press when I want a powerful kick.

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    My wife and I are huge fans of Cafe Santo Domingo and want to thank you for bringing a quality product to North America. My wife was born in the Dominican Republic, and Cafe Santo Domingo is all that she has known. She got me hooked on it about twelve years ago and I haven’t looked back.

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    I didn’t think I would be able to kick my Tims habit but that was before I tried this stuff. Its much better than anything else in the price range and it saves me a bunch of money and time not having to hit the drive through to get it.

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    I have made Café Santo Domingo every way you can imagine and it seems to always be excellent. French press, percolator, espresso, or single cup dripper, always easy to make a delicious cup that packs a punch.

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    Café Santo Domingo has a delicious robust and bold flavour that is perfect for starting the day! My entire family love the product.

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    I was given a lb. by a friend as a present from Costa Rica. It was wonderful. Has a rich, deep flavor, yet silky smooth without even a hint of bitterness. Normally If any coffee is left in the pot I won’t drink it but even reheated this is great coffee better than any I could buy locally. Anyone know if it is sold in the USA I crave more.

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    This stuff is like nothing I’ve ever tried before! Bold, robust, flavourful and simply delicious. I buy it by the case and it lasts about 3 weeks. Its a great way to save too!

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