Café Santo Domingo Tostado en Grano (Whole Bean) 1lb/454g

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Premium Arabica coffee from the sun drenched mountains of the Dominican Republic.  All the taste with none of the bitterness. 100% pure Dominican coffee.

Cafe Santo Domingo is a premium quality Arabica coffee full of rich flavor and distinct aroma. The finest premium whole beans are grown and hand picked in the fertile mountain soil and tropical climate conditions unique to the Dominican Republic. Cafe Santo Domingo takes pride in growing the very best premium beans and known for its distinctly rich and smooth taste.

For espresso lovers; grind the beans fine for an amazing cup of espresso with the perfect crema!

Consistently roasted to the highest quality standards.

Paradise in every cup!


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    So…we’re hopped up on coffee…David’s tried, express, latte, regular coffee this morning…here are his comments:

    • very smooth
    • no bitterness
    • good crema
    • no residue or chalkeness (expresso sometimes has this)
    • lighter tasting – for those that like dark roast too light
    • medium body Edit

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    I work very long days because of the nature of my job and without Café Santo Domingo about 6 times per day I wouldn’t be able to do it. Its a delicious cup of energy!

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    I have recently returned from the Dominican Republic where I enjoyed your delicious coffee every morning at the Colonial Majestic resort in Bavaro. This was in individual packets used for the automatic coffee-maker in our room and at the dining rooms on the resort. I also bought a one pound bag to return to Canada and I’m enjoying your coffee as I type this. This coffee is the equal of any of the fine coffees we(my wife and I)have drank on our two trips to Europe. It is considerably better than any coffee I have purchased in this country.

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    Thank you Thank you Thank you! Received my order today of beans! Brewed my first cup and WOW… like I remembered it from years ago! I loved this coffee years ago and now again… I will be a regular customer!!!!! I have purchased from cheap to Expensive beans and this is still my favorite! Thanks for bringing it back to my daily routine!

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    I would give Cafe Santo Domingo 12 stars if I could. I love the espresso from finely ground beans and so does everyone I convince to try it.

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    I tried Cafe Santo Domingo at a golf tournament and haven’t looked back since. It wakes me up with a jolt every morning. I love the flavour and I can make it many different ways.

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    Started drinking this coffee on recent trip to the DR and I have to say this is my new favorite coffee!! Excellent!!

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    I used to drink coffee from a local roaster. It was excellent coffee but it was very expensive! Now I drink Café Santo Domingo because it is just as good if not better than my old brand and at a fraction of the price.

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    Cafe Santo Domingo has an bold and robust flavour that I will be enjoying for a long time. You have a long term customer here.

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    Every cup of Café Santo Domingo reminds me of a better place. It smells and tastes like a vacation. This stuff is great for the body and mind. I give it my full recommendation.

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