Case of 16 Café Santo Domingo Molido (Ground) 1lb/453.6g

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Product Description

Premium Arabica coffee from the sun drenched mountains of the Dominican Republic … All the taste with no bitterness.

A medium roast Arabica coffee, with distinct subtle flavors. A smooth coffee with a nut toned and subtle chocolaty taste is where the sweetness comes from. Surprisingly bold, lots of flavors and well balanced. Always fresh with a rich aroma grown exclusively in the fertile mountains of the Dominican Republic.

100%  pure Dominican coffee.

Paradise in every cup!

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    Santo Domingo coffee was the perfect fundraiser for the the Academy Garrincha 2002 girls soccer team. Often times fundraising can be an effort and not something that everyone is thrilled to do. However, with Santo Domingo coffee the fundraising effort was seamless, easy and fun! Many people drink coffee so why not offer them something they will want and enjoy all in one! The customer service with Santa Domingo was outstanding. Our representative, Noelle, was extremely helpful, pleasant and informative. The HUGE profit the team made in the sale of the coffee will go a long way in helping the team meet their financial “goal” to participate in the Gothia World Youth Soccer tournament in Sweden in July 2014. We would highly recommend your company to anyone who is considering fundraising.

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