Our Story

At long last, Café Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s beloved national drink, is available in Canada. In partnership with the iconic Café Santo Domingo, The Dominican Sierra Group Inc. have succeeded in their multi-year quest to bring one of Latin America’s most respected coffee’s to Canada.

The owners of DSG, Canadian born-and-raised, have been living in the Dominican Republic for the last decade. It’s there, amidst the island’s lush greenery and azure blue waters, that they and their family fell in love with Café Santo Domingo. After 10 years of stuffing suitcases with bags of Café Santo Domingo to bring back home, the family decided enough was enough.

Café Santo Domingo is a family-run company that has been embedded in the culture of the Dominican Republic for 70 years, and it owns a staggering 95% market share in a country that is very passionate about coffee. Although they’ve been exporting their highly sought-after product around the world for years, it’s never officially been available in Canada until now.

Since 1945, the Perello family has been cultivating Café Santo Domingo, and have built it into the most iconic brand in the Dominican Republic. “Everybody grew up with Café Santo Domingo.” says Abdallah Castillo, director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board in Canada. “In the Dominican, we start drinking coffee around 8 years old. It’s a part of us.”

DSG is thrilled to be partnering with Café Santo Domingo, a vertically integrated company that takes pride in every step of the coffee making process. From nurturing their own plants to packaging their own retail products, and even operating a chain of popular Santo Domingo Cafés. Their 11 processing facilities house state-of-the-art technology, and their highly-trained staff are some of the leading coffee aficionados on the planet.

Today, Café Santo Domingo has managed to maintain the quality and integrity that began with the Perello family 70 years ago. With an upcoming line of trendy cafes opening all around The Dominican Republic and beyond, and a Coffee University that will train Dominicans in the art of coffee not far behind, Café Santo Domingo, though deeply rooted in the past, has its sights set firmly on the future.

Over 1.4 million Canadians travel to the Dominican Republic every year and bring back 50,000 pounds of Café Santo Domingo in their suitcases each month. Canadians are used to doing whatever it takes to get the taste of Café Santo Domingo on home soil. We are here to do the work for you. With extensive distribution capabilities in North America, we can ship your coffee quickly so that you can spend more time enjoying it. Having paradise in every cup has never been so easy.

Café Santo Domingo. Paradise in Every Cup.