Café Santo Domingo Molido (Ground) 1/2lb/226.8g

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Product Description

Premium Arabica coffee from the sun drenched mountains of the Dominican Republic … All the taste with no bitterness.

A medium roast Arabica coffee, with distinct subtle flavors. A smooth coffee with a nut toned and subtle chocolaty taste is where the sweetness comes from. Surprisingly bold, lots of flavors and well balanced. Always fresh with a rich aroma grown exclusively in the fertile mountains of the Dominican Republic.

100%  pure Dominican coffee.

Paradise in every cup!


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    The coffee’s incredible!! I can nearly have it black (which I never do).
    I’ll be spreading the word to my family & father in law who has an office in TMR. Small business, but he alone drinks enough coffee to fuel a large business.

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    During my recent visit I fell for Cafe’ Santo Domingo Molido. I wish to share with my fellow citizens the wonderful aroma and taste of the best coffee in the world. My friends just do not know what they are missing. They are all sharing with me as to how they are fed up with coffee from Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc. We can give them a new life.

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