Café Santo Domingo. Tradition and quality since 1945.


Café Santo Domingo is the fruit of a long tradition of passion and experience. Our gourmet coffee has been grown, harvested, roasted and packaged with pride by the Perelló family since 1945.

Café Santo Domingo is one of top coffee producers in the world and takes pride as the only ‘Field to Table’ coffee. With many years of tradition and expertise, Café Santo Domingo’s commitment is to produce the highest standards of quality, consistency and taste.

Paradise in every cup!

The warm, moist weather in the mountain soil unique to the Dominican Republic produces some of the best Arabica beans in the world. Distinctive and rich with a subtle cocoa aroma and a delicate finish that leaves you wanting more. Café Santo Domingo coffee is a ray of sunshine in your day! Now available in North America! Buy it online and enjoy the world’s best coffee in the comfort of your own home throughout the year. Our online coffee store makes it easy to order. We deliver fresh coffee directly from the lush mountains of the Dominican Republic to your home anywhere in Canada or the United States.

From the cascading mountainside where our bountiful trees grow and our aromatic fresh coffee beans are harvested, to the state-of-the-art processing and roasting equipment, Café Santo Domingo owns and monitors every step of the coffee production process, yielding exceptional taste and consistency. Owning the packaging equipment permits us to roast and ship our coffee on the same day! Our growers and coffee experts in the Dominican Republic have years of experience that goes into every bag of our coffee, working together for a distinct aroma, and a rich, smooth taste unlike any other coffee.

Best of all, you don’t need to leave your home to enjoy the rich taste of our coffee! Café Santo Domingo is your premium online coffee store, offering wholesale discounts and shipping directly to your home. You can buy coffee online by visiting our shopping page or contact us today to learn more about our fresh, gourmet coffee and the best ways to enjoy it.

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